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dich vu IT
dịch vụ IT
dich vu tin hoc
dịch vụ tin học
bao tri may tinh
bảo trì máy tính
xu ly su co may tinh
xử lý sự cố máy tính
tu van phan mem
tư vấn phần mềm
dich vu tin hoc chuyen nghiep
dịch vụ tin học chuyên nghiệp
phat trien phan mem
phát triển phần mềm
gia cong phan mem
gia công phần mềm
bao tri phan mem
bảo trì phần mềm
seo website
seo web
thiet ke website
thiết kế website
thu hoi hoi thu hồi hơi
Thiet ke gian hang Thiết kế gian hàng Thi cong quang cao Thi công quảng cáo Thi cong san khau chuyen nghiep Thi công sân khấu chuyên nghiệp Trang tri san khau su kien Trang trí sân khấu sự kiện Thiet ke hoi cho trien lam Thiết kế hội chợ triển lãm Thi cong gian hang hoi cho Thi công gian hàng hội chợ San xuat mo hinh quang cao Sản xuất mô hình quảng cáo
Sua chua may phat dien cho thue may phat dien Sửa chữa máy phát điện may phat dien máy phát điện Thi cong san khau chuyen nghiep Thi công sân khấu chuyên nghiệp suachuamayphatdien
quan ly xang dau
quan ly xang dau
quan ly xang dau
thiet bi xang dau
thiet bi xang dau
thiet bi xang dau
thiet bi do bon
thiet bi do bon
thiet bi do bon
quan ly tru bom
quan ly tru bom
quan ly tru bom
thiet bi do muc
thiet bi do muc
thiet bi do muc
quản lý xăng dầu
quản lý xăng dầu
quản lý xăng dầu
thiết bị xăng dầu
thiết bị xăng dầu
thiết bị xăng dầu
thiết bị đo bồn
thiết bị đo bồn
thiết bị đo bồn
quản lý trụ bơm
quản lý trụ bơm
quản lý trụ bơm
thiết bị đo mức
thiết bị đo mức
thiết bị đo mức


Virtualization is a technology designed to create the middle tier between the server system hardware and software running on it. Server virtualization technology is from a single physical machine to create multiple independent virtual machines. Each virtual machine has a separate power systems, private operating systems and applications. There are two forms of server virtualization:

  • Virtualization Management layer: This is the original form of server virtualization. We often call "hosted". As the figure below, the virtualization function is built on a common OS platform. Some common products: Microsoft's Virtual PC, and VMWare's Workstation.
  • Dedicated Virtualization: This virtualization mode is often called as "bare-metal", which runs directly on server hardware. So it will help to use server resources more optimally than "hosted" form and faster processing speeds. The common products: ESX, Xen, and Hyper-V.


Reduce cost of hardware investment: to satisfy the requirements for the deployment, developing new services and applications, organizations need to continue to increase the number of servers. However, as more and more servers, then the problems happened more:

  • Costs increase: the purchase of additional new server will include the cost of servers and other types of costs: power, cooling, space in your server, ...
  • Low investment efficiency: with eachserver to x86applications (low load) willyield the CPUactivity is only about 5-15%.
  • Reduced management capacity:more difficult to manage when more servers and applications in a complex environment with a variety of operating systems,hardware, the different types of servers.
  • Effective work reduction: IT staff would focus more time for deploying servers, configuring, monitoring and maintenance. So do not focus onthe activities, projects to improvethe information infrastructure level.


Virtualization solutions solve the problem of cost and yield performance of the serverby reducing the cost of hardware and operating up to 50%, use of resources optimally through virtualization. It also helpsdeploy servers quickly, easily and automatically manage resourcesin a more optimal server as:

  • Simplify infrastructure management by centralized management.
  • Automating the management of server resources to help the IT staff no longer spend too much time on the management server that will focus on applications and services that brings benefits to users and organizations.
  • Reduce cost to 50% equipped withnew devices such as servers, power supplies, cooling systems ... by increasing the operational efficiency of the current serve.


IT is increasingly important contribution to operations of businesses and organizations. The IT system stops working for whatever cause: maintenance, backup, device error, natural disasters will influence significantly on enterprise and organizations. Virtualization solutions will help protect data effectively can retrieve lost data quickly and easily and offer fault tolerance, ensuring applications and services continues operation when has break down,  at the same time allowing the restoration of IT systems disaster effectively with lower costs such as:

Protect the data center safely

Virtualization Solution ensures the backup, restore data, applications and services quickly, easily and flexible, satisfy the requirements of time and need to recover data such as:
  • Data recovery fastand simple
  • Simplify data protection in a comprehensive way.
  • To permit virtual machines centralized backup withoutaffecting the users, applications.

High Availability
The system had to stop because both subjective and objective causes damaged to the enterprise. But the solution of HA (high availability) are now very expensivein cost, difficult to implement and manage. With virtualizationgives enterprises a solution to help the system achieve very high reliabilitywith lower cost andeasy to deploy, manage, such as:

  • Provides high availability (HA) withthe independence of hardware, operating systems and applications.
  • No need to stop when the system must perform regular maintenance tasks: hardware upgrades, operating systemupdates, firmware...
  • Ability to automatically restartwhen an error occurs.
  •  Reduce system downtime (downtime) for these subjective reasons: maintenance, upgrading hardware, software, server relocation, ... without affectingthe applications and services running on the server, allowing the virtual machine can easily move back and forth between differentphysical servers on different storage devices.
  • Preventing the system stops due to objective reasons such ashardware and software errors. Virtualization environment built featuresto support efficient fault tolerance.
  • Helps recover quickly when a physical servererror. The physical machines are grouped together, forming a mass - cluster, shared resources (CPU,RAM, Network  ...) and help each other stand fault.
Disaster prevention features

The enterprises will have enormous losses when happening break down (earthquake, storm, fire ...) loss of data, greatly affects the all operations of the enterprises. Therefore, the enterprises often build a DRsolution, allowing the system to recover after a disaster. However, the currentDR solutions existmany problems:

  • High investment costs: hardware configuration requirements at the backup center (DR site) must match the main center (Production site).
  • The solution complex and take longer to recover: need many tools, recovery process for each type of application, each type of data. At the same time the recovery process also takes too much time, cannot meet the requirements of RTO (recovery time objective).
  • Unreliable restore: Need to regularly check and re-evaluate solutions to ensure the ability to recover when having the problem. However, the present solution is very difficult to test because of the complexity and time for recovery

The virtualized solution provides a DRplan with a completely new approach - built on the concept of virtualization - it offersmore advantages than the current solution:

  • Quick Recovery: Virtualization makes it easy to copy, clone the system resources so the recovery time is improved more.
  • The disaster recovery solution is available and high reliability for easy inspection and further evaluations.
  • When using the virtual machines is the hardware independent helps reducing the cost of building DR, it can run on any x86 physical servers normally without editing, re-configuration. Therefore, use any server in DR site and not required to purchase hardware as in production site.

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